Gurunathar’s Message on Ashwini Star #2

Gurunathar’s Divine Message ~ Ashwini Pooja ~ 07-05-2005

One person mentally raised a doubt, “When we start a good work should we always check to see if the time is auspicious?”.

Generally, starting good work at good times has become the practice. I would say there is nothing wrong with this. Those days, good works were started during period of Kuligan and bad or inauspicious were started during periods of Raghu. This practice has now changed. Some periods during the day have been set aside for good jobs and some for inauspicious ones. Whichever the method followed, when a person performs his duties untiringly, any time is auspicious. Such a person has realized that ‘work is worship’. When he starts a good work, he does not attach importance to the auspiciousness of time. It is his mental state which is important. This is so whether the purpose of his work is personal or for the common good of others. However, tradition makes us abide by the rule of looking for a good time and this is not wrong.

This leads to another question, “Does performing work at auspicious times always yield good results?”.

This is not necessary. As mentioned before, the mental state of a person is important. It is God’s law that ‘anything done with good intention will yield good results’. Hence, looking for an auspicious time is not required. Tradition is the only justification for this practice. I reiterate that for those who believe in hard work and for those who believe in God any time is an auspicious time. This is my conclusion.

[Translation of Gurunathar’s divine message given to and read by Guruji Shri K.V. Narayanan]

உங்களது கருத்துக்களை வழங்கவும்

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