Gurunathar’s Message on Moola Star #2

Gurunathar’s Divine Message ~ Moolam Pooja ~ 28-04-2005

Nowadays there are some who are confused as to why one should go to temples to worship God when he is omnipresent. Our homes or any other place should do just as well. I would like to explain the reason.

If a temple is built according to traditional norms it will be in keeping with the “Agama Vasthu Shasthras”, because of this we see different kinds of towers. The most important factor is they are based on triangular shapes. In the western world they have made it into a science. Nowadays people write and talk about the characteristics of the pyramid. It is apt to observe that this was already known in ancient India.

For those who think it is not necessary to go to temples, I would like to remind them of something. Traditionally it was normal to get up in the morning, have one’s bath and go to the temple to pray before starting one’s daily routine. There was a reason for this. Temples which were built according to the Vasthu Shastra, with triangular formations and sanctified chakras under the idols radiate energy rays, which removed the negative vibrations in those who sit in the temple even for a short while. Their health also improved greatly. Every village has at least one ancient temple.

These days’ temples are built according to modern architecture. I feel the temple built of traditional architecture are more beneficial to people. This is because every corner and every formation of the temple has been built with the idea of benefiting man. Even if an atheist were to sit on the outer courtyard or ‘praharam’ of the temple he is sure to benefit from it.

[Translation of Gurunathar’s divine message given to and read by Guruji Shri K.V. Narayanan]

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