Gurunathar’s Message Moola star #8

Gurunathar’s Divine Message – Moolam Pooja ~ 09-10-2005

I would like to say something. Roughly during the past two weeks several people have debated on a particular question, namely, “why do the words of the Guru fail at times?”

Firstly, when you acknowledge and accept someone has your Guru, you automatically relinquish the right to question his words. Before you accept the fact mentally perhaps it is natural to have doubts; but once you have accepted a person as your Guru, you must have none. This is the rule.
Secondly, if you have accepted your Guru’s words as God’s words: I mean the Guru who is in communion with God, he does not say anything without reason. It is natural that some people get upset when things do not turn out the way that his or her Guru stated. Later they realize why he said, what he said and the full meaning of what he said will sink in.
There is something else I would like to stay here. When you go to your Guru seeking guidance, you must not expect him to say what you want to hear and bless you according to your expectation. He will tell you what you need to be told and bless you likewise. There is nothing wrong with this. As an example, if a child’s stomach is upset, his mother will not give him spicy food. Similarly, if the time is not right the Guru will not give his blessings in the form of results. It has nothing to do with liking or disliking a person. I would like to emphasis that this is the correct action.
What kind of question do you ask a Guru? The rule is when you have tried your best to clear your doubts with your own intelligence and have failed to do so, only then do you approach your Guru. This is because human kind, as the crown of God’s creation has been endowed with intelligence. If you feel lost even after using your thinking ability, then if you seek your Guru’s grace, you will get the necessary clarifications.

{Translation of Gurunathar’s Divine message given to and read by Guruji Shri.K.V.Narayanan}

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