Gurunathar Message On Ashwini Pooja #67

Gurunathar’s Divine Message Ashwini Pooja 23-07-2011

Once again I would like to set right a particular confusion by giving a clarification. In the path of spirituality, just the way a person sheds one habit after another, so he must learn that if he worships several forms of God, step by step, he must reduce the number. Finally when he comes to worshiping only one form or two, he may feel a little lost or as if he is in some kind of vacuum. He must go beyond this stage. If he still feels that something is missing I would like to emphasize that this should not be so. If you do your sadhanas correctly, when you move from ‘roopam to aroopam’ or to formless worship you should feel only happiness. Remember if you don’t, it only indicates that you have as yet to reach this spiritual stage. I advise you to intensify your efforts towards this goal. Can you think of using text books of junior classes when you go to university? When you reach a higher level it is not appropriate to follow the sadhanas of a more elementary stage. Though this is not a hard and fast rule let this be a guideline for your spiritual path.

(Translation of Gurunathar’s Divine message given to and read by Guruji Shri.K.V.Narayanan)

உங்களது கருத்துக்களை வழங்கவும்

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