Gurunathar’s Message Moolam Star #53

Gurunathar’s Divine Message Moolam Pooja 13-01-2010

Today is considered as the festival of ‘Bhogi’ by you. On this day, you throw out all the old and broken objects and keep new things in your homes. Stop, and think a little about the inner meaning behind this, which is – that we must root out our bad habits and qualities on this day. You must realize that it is not restricted to the material objects- they are only symbolic of the true meaning. We must then transform ourselves for the better and become better human beings. We must throw out bad habits, qualities and traits. Then while thinking deeply about the celebration of Pongal and Mattu Pongal, agriculture in reality, does not occupy as large a section of the population as it used to. There are many reasons for this. The most important being the tendency of society to move towards destructive styles of modern living.
This is a day of thanksgiving to Mother Earth (Bhooma Devi) and Devi Annapoorni. These three days are to root out all old evils during Bhogi, seek improved ways of living and make it an occasion for thanksgiving. It is meaningless to celebrate the festival with a lot of fuss without understanding the inner significance.

{Translation of Gurunathar’s Divine message given to and read by Guruji Shri.K.V.Narayanan}

உங்களது கருத்துக்களை வழங்கவும்

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