Gurunathar’s Message Moolam Star #52

Gurunathar’s Divine Message Moolam Pooja 17-12-2009

There is a question I heard. It is a good question – a meaningful one – one I myself would like to explore. “What is the mind?” is the question. This is a difficult question. There needs to be several explanations related to this. First we need to refer to the Koshas surrounding the body. One of them is the ‘Manomaya Kosha’. The thoughts of the mind contribute to this Astral layer.
This however is not a complete definition because the question is: “What is the mind?”. Your intentions, thoughts and the ‘vasanas’ or soul imprints of your previous births come with you. These when stimulated become thoughts. These thoughts become driving forces of your minds. All the thoughts that you have had during this birth becomes your mind. The mind is not a separate entity. So to purify the mind we must always cultivate good thoughts. I do understand that those assembled here are making suitable efforts. Still the mind is like the ‘Vethalam’ from the story of ‘King Vikram and the Vethalam’. Each time we discipline it only to find it going back to its original position and eluding a permanent change. This happens repeatedly. Do not lose hearts. Keep trying to bring it under control. You can purify the mind by this method.
In another religion they call it the ‘Holy Spirit’. This depicts a ‘pure state of mind’. It would be a mistake to understand it otherwise. The person’s mind, determines his or her personality. This decides whether he succeeds or fails in his or her life. So the primary duty of a person is to strengthen his or her mind. There is a proverb “There is no need of mantras for a perfect mind”. I would like to emphasize here ‘There is nothing that the mind cannot achieve’. If you make a decision and do all that is necessary to achieve it you will certainly do so. This is the truth.
To achieve this you have to first strengthen your mind. Do not waste time in searching for your mind. You know now that your mind is nothing other than your intentions, thoughts and the vasanas of your previous births. When a person says that his or her mind is suffering, that he or she is unhappy – they should stop this unnecessary suffering by telling themselves: “Where is the mind which I feel is suffering – If I desire so – it will no longer exist. It is really in my mind to decide whether I want to suffer or not. It is my thoughts, my desires, my intentions that are making me suffer. If I submit all these at the feet of the Lord and beg Him to help me purify these or get rid of them. I shall certainly succeed. So I declare God in his compassion is listening to each of us however undeserving we may be and grants us His blessings.

{Translation of Gurunathar’s Divine message given to and read by Guruji Shri.K.V.Narayanan}

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