Gurunathar’s Message Moolam Star #43

Gurunathar’s Divine Message Moolam Pooja 19-03-2009I

would like to add something to what has already been said by my chosen representative (Guruji). I would like to clarify what constitutes faith in God. Many still do not quite understand what it is. If you talk about faith in your guru you should have complete trust in all that he says. In that case as an individual , you will have nothing to worry about. Your physical self, life and wealth are surrendered at His feet. What is left for you? If you do this it is total surrender and this in itself is faith. So I tell you that when you have such an attitude, the guru’s comfort comes before yours. I also say once you have given him everything he will also decide how it is to be used. Do not go to him and ask, “What should I do?” because you will find your self in a quandary if he tells you to do something beyond your capacity.When you decide on a specific course of action do not go to your guru and act as if you are asking his guidance. His opinion should not be a second opinion.(It must be the only one). Once you have asked him you must follow what he says. If you fail to do this you are spoiling your relation with Him.

I come forward to say this now because your guide my chosen representative has not specified this. Wholehearted and total obedience and respect for your guru is necessary. There will always be a meaning behind what he does. When he tells you to do something it is to change your state of karma. So remember that it is for your good. If you believe that everything that happens to you has a reason then you must also believe that his words are the truth. Whatever you do, always keep this in mind.
Do not keep asking him to do small things for you. He knows what you need. He will see that your need is satisfied at the proper time. Do not doubt this. Can you maintain this kind of discipline? Otherwise think of him as a great person whom you have had the privilege to meet and go your way. As I say this I see there are some who are frowning. Still this is the truth.
Those who can adhere to the strict guidelines deserve to ask for a upadesam. As a disciple you might find him prescribing certain austerities as punishment. There is a big difference between a bhaktha and a disciple. A bhaktha deserves whatever blessings he gives them. I would also like to say for those who opt only for his blessings they are in a happy comfortable position, because there is no limit to his blessings. Like a waterfall, the blessings will fall upon them constantly.
If you are a seeker of God you are a disciple. If a disciple does something wrong he will have to face the consequences. You have always known this. Keeping all this in mind, decide what you are capable of doing and then come to me. Only then can you approach me.

{Translation of Gurunathar’s Divine message given to and read by Guruji Shri.K.V.Narayanan}

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