Gurunathar’s Message Moolam Star #42

Gurunathar’s Divine Message Moolam Pooja 23-01-2009

I heard a question here, “What is the source of all my troubles?” I have explained this number of times. Still, I shall repeat it in one word, “Expectations”. If we try to introspect we shall find that expectations form the basic reason for our desires, emotional attachments and undesirable thoughts. When we are without expectations, there is no grief, no sense of defeat or disappointment; nor do we feel cheated. I have understood this.
Such being the case I feel that it is important to learn to live without any expectations. With God’s grace we can have faith without expectations. We will believe all that happens to us is His action and by His grace. A person who achieves this can easily reach the feet of God. Though it is not a big achievement, it is a difficult one. If we begin to look for such people, we will find that they are very rare. It is because it is difficult to be part of human society and yet live without expectations that people went away to forests and wilderness.
Those of us, who live in the world with families, should throw out the wrong expectations and have only the correct ones; then you will see God.

{Translation of Gurunathar’s Divine message given to and read by Guruji Shri.K.V.Narayanan}

உங்களது கருத்துக்களை வழங்கவும்

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