Gurunathar’s Message Moolam Star #51

Gurunathar’s Divine Message Moolam Pooja 19-11-2009

Today I shall answer one question in particular: “Starting from the stage of having Bhakthi (faith) what must a person accomplish to become a devotee?” Since there is some confusion about the terms in English, I shall give a short explanation in the same language. I would like to define the word “devotee” .

Who is a Devotee?
You do not become a devotee by claiming to be one. The one who concentrates on one particular God can be described as devout. Such a person, due to faith and self surrender, is aware of God’s presence during all his actions and dedicates them to Him. Thus he becomes a devotee. In Tamil we say, “a bhakthan claims to have bakthi”. The first stage is when a bhakthan has faith. The next stage is when he involves himself totally in the service of God through meditation and japam and becomes a devotee. A devout person may not be a devotee. A person who spends all his time worshiping with his mind body and soul is transformed into a devotee. He can be called a devotee due to the action between the two stages. In Tamil a devotee is called an ‘adigal’. I hope I have made myself clear. I presume there will be no further confusion.

{Translation of Gurunathar’s Divine message given to and read by Guruji Shri.K.V.Narayanan}

உங்களது கருத்துக்களை வழங்கவும்

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