Gurunathar Message On Ashwini Pooja #23

Gurunathar’s Divine Message Ashwini Pooja 22-02-2007

I would like to explain a saying that someone has questioned here. “A Coconut sapling is better than your own child”. They used to say this those days. (There was such a reverence for the tree).Since someone asked me what it meant, I am explaining it in a simple manner. Something even God knows is that, when a child grows into an adult he is often unable to be of much use to his parents. On the other hand, if the sapling of a Coconut tree is nurtured well, it grows strong. The coconut when it is tender or ripe and all the other parts of the tree are useful to the one who has grown it. I would say we can also understand the inner meaning that what God has created is superior to what man has created.
One more advice, on full moon days this year you must go to the samadhis of great men and Siddhas. I would say, you could go to those at a convenient distance like behind the Moorthy of the Lord of Shirdi at Mylapore and the samadhi of Pamban Swamigal at the pilgrimage place of Thiruvanmayur. I would also like to remind you of the “Thambirans” who served Velavan (Lord Muruga) in an outstanding manner. Their samadhis are behind the Vadapalani temple. If you go and worship the samadhis, as per your preference on a full moon day in order to receive grace, your suffering due to the planets will reduce I say and I give you good blessings.

{Translation of Gurunathar’s Divine message given to and read by Guruji Shri.K.V.Narayanan)

உங்களது கருத்துக்களை வழங்கவும்

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